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From the Desk of Virgil Aponte:
Certified Personal Trainer, Coach and Physical Education Teacher

Hello there and thank you for visiting the Stair Exercises for Weight Loss and Fitness web site. You are about to get access to an extraordinary training tool that will help you reach your fitness, strength and health goals. Best of all using this training tool is absolutely free!

And with todays online technology you can be reading your ebook and viewing or downloading your Ultimate Stair Exercises Videos Online with in seconds after placing your order!

Using office building stairs, apartment building stairs, stadium stairs or any place that gives you access to stairs you can get incredible workouts to:

Easily Reduce Body Fat
Achieve and Maintain your Ideal Bodyweight
Eliminate or Reduce Joint Pain.
Build Legs that look Amazing
Build Buns of Steel
Build strong and sleek Abdominals
Build a strong and sleek Upper Body
Increase your Strength
Increase your Power
Improve your Flexibility
Improve your Balance & Coordination

I’ve used stair exercises for over 10 years to help condition myself, professional, college and high school athletes, company CEO’s, seniors, sedentary people, over weight people and many more.

I’m actually pretty amazed that someone else didn’t write a book or create videos on the tremendous value of stair exercises.

The reason I find it so amazing is because it’s used by elite professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, company CEO’s and many more:

Here’s a quick list of Celebrities that use Stair Exercises to achieve their Fitness, Strength & Health Goals:

This All Star List Can’t be Wrong!

Get a Hollywood Body!
Jennifer Lopez: The Super Star singer and actress gets away with those barely there outfits thanks to intense routine of weights and cardio that includes her running up stairs with a weighted vest. No wonder she has the best body in Hollywood!

Workouts can be done in 15 minutes!
Tom Brokow: The NBC News Anchorman climbs the stairs at hotels for 15 minutes whenever he’s on the road. Yes, 15 minutes. Stairs are that efficient and effective. You can get a great workout in less than 15 minutes!

Get the Body of a New York Yankee Heart-Throb!
Alex Rodriguez: The New York Yankee Heart-Throb and All-Star third basemen gets up at 6AM in the off-season to runs stairs.

Discover a conditioning secret of a Super Bowl MVP
Tom Brady: The New England Patriot and Super Bowl MVP use stair sprints as part of his off-season workout regimen. All I can say if it’s good enough for a Super Bowl MVP it’s good enough for me. If you want an efficient way to improve your strength, power and conditioning then stair sprints are the answer!

Achieve Greatness!
Curtis Martin: The future hall of fame running back of the New York Jets travels to the famous Santa Monica steps: A 200 step climb! If a premier NFL running back is willing to travel from his home in Florida just to do stair exercises shouldn’t that tell you how effective they are!

Maximize Your Speed & Quickness!
Dante Cullpepper: The All Star Quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings uses stair exercises to improve his speed and quickness. Remember he’s not the only to use this secret weapon. Many of his NFL counterparts do so as well.

Get Buns & Legs of Steel!
New York Liberty Women’s Basketball Team: I personally implemented a stair exercises program when I served as an assistant strength coach with the team back in 2002. It was part of the reason the women were in such great condition and reached the WNBA Finals! I used the stairs program to help them improve their strength, power and conditioning but they really liked it for giving them buns of steel!

Exercise Choice of Pros!
New York Knicks Men’s Basketball Team: I caught strength coach Greg Brittenham using stair exercises with his players on the MSG network. I’m sure many people started using them the next day after they saw how hard the players were working using just stairs!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover with the Ultimate Stair Exercises 

  • How to get in great aerobic condition using stair exercises. Aerobic conditioning can help you burn more calories thus helping you maintain and ideal bodyweight.
  • How to get in anaerobic condition using stair exercises: If you want a sure fire way to drop pounds of body fat this is it!
  • How to increase your flexibility: This section alone can teach you how to rid your joints of pain and discomfort from lack of flexibility.
  • Simple stair climbing exercises that will help you increase your leg strength: If you want buns of steel you must learn these exercises!
  • Simple stair exercise variations that will strengthen your core! Yes you can even work your abdominals in your apartment building stair cases!
  • How to all work your upper body in your apartment or office building stair cases! Yes this is a complete exercise program!
  • How to improve your balance: Using these exercises will increase your balance and get you on your way to a more functional body.
  • How to incorporate other exercise equipment with stair exercises.
  • Over 20 step by step workouts you can begin using today! You also get instant online video access so you can exactly how to perform each exercise
  • And so much more: There is just too much to list here!

Read what professional athletes, coaches, and personal trainers are saying about the Ultimate Stair Exercises

But First 3 Video Reviews from Attendees to My First Ever
Stair Exercises Training Clinic in Brooklyn New York!

Access to a Great Workout Anytime!

“I don’t ever have to worry about finding a place to workout when I’m on a road trip. I just use the staircases at my hotel. It saves time, and is just as effective as going to a gym.”

Tari Phillips
WNBA New York Liberty All-Star Center
Member of Team USA Gold Medal Winner at 2002 World Championship

Fun, Innovative and Effective!
"If you're looking for a kick-a** workout that is NOT the same old boring stuff then look no further. Virgil's Ultimate Stair Exercises are fun, innovative and effective. There's tons of great exercises I never would have thought to incorporate into my workouts in a million years."
Jim Labadie
Achieve Total Fitness
Tampa, FL

Effective as any gym workout!

 “Stair exercises give you more bang for your buck. There is no comparison!”

Tamika Whitmore
WNBA Los Angeles Sparks Power Forward

Reach all your Goals with Stairs!

“Virgil Aponte has hit a grand slam with his amazing and innovative stair climbing DVD’s. Virgil’s Real Stair Climbing DVD series completely takes the excuses out of not having time or equipment to workout with. If you are a beginning fitness seeker or an advanced level athlete Virgil gives you exactly what you need to reach your goals. I can’t believe how Virgil was able to take something we all take for granted and turn it into maybe the greatest workout to reach any population. Way to go Virgil! You just made fitness fun again”.

Lee Taft
Human Performance & Speed Expert
Author of “Ground Breaking Athletic Movement DVD Series”

Simple & Effective Exercises that anyone can learn!

“You’ll be so amazed at how simple and effective these exercises are that you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it yourself.”

Robert Gunderson
New York City PSAL Champion Softball Coach, Athletic Director & PE Teacher

Achieve all your fitness goals with Stairs!

 “Only Virgil could take something as simple as stair exercises and turn it into a system for improving so many facets of a strength and conditioning program. He’s a genius at simplicity.”

Colleen O’Brien
New York City Personal Trainer

Learn over 40 Result Producing Exercises!

“I didn’t know you could do so much with just stair exercises! The list of exercises is exhaustive and caters to so much. What an amazing product!”

Pedro Sierra
NYC PSAL Basketball & Softball Coach

Stairs are Free!

“Anyone on a tight budget with access to stairs must buy this video set. It’s that valuable and a must have!”

Mark Rumnit
NYC PSAL Varsity Championship Volleyball Coach

No Equipment. No Problem!

“Forget about not having enough equipment. We have our minds and bodies and with Ultimate Stair Exercises we now have it all!”

Walter Jordan
NYC PSAL Varsity Basketball Coach

Address Numerous Training Needs with Stair Exercises!

“When Virgil told me that he could help anyone improve their strength, power, anaerobic/aerobic conditioning and flexibility through stair exercises alone I just laughed. Besides the benefits to my own program, my athletes, students and my colleagues have also benefited from the ideas in this book. Anyone looking for new and effective fitness and training ideas will benefit from the exercises, ideas and workouts in this book.” 

John Vamvakaris
New York City Football Coach & Physical Education Teacher


Here's Exactly What You Get
Instant Access To!


Ultimate Stair Exercises For Fitness & Weight Loss e-Book! 
The book that earned me the nick names “Stair Exercises Guru” and “Step Daddy”. It will also show you over 20 workouts to help you lose weight tighten and tone your body and get you into the best shape of your life! 
(145 Pages)

Free Bonus #1: Stair Exercises For Power Development:: I wrote this piece to help athletes jump higher, run faster and dramatically improve their athleticism. But I will say it again. This information presented is a must have for fat loss and getting the body you want! (47 Pages)

Instant Access to 8
Incredible Stair Training Videos!



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You Also Get Instant Access to
The No Gym Necessary Video Collection!



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2 Bonuses Perfect for Stair Training!



Resistance Band Training E-Book:

Let world renowned physical therapist & fitness expert Dave Schmitz show you how to get in amazing shape using his band training methods. Dave is considered by industry experts as the authority on band training and travels the nation teaching his methods to teachers, trainers, coaches and fitness enthusiasts. And we are fortunate for his band training contribution as it’s an excellent fit with NGN Workouts!

Over 150 pages complete with workouts, pictures and descriptions!


300 Sandbag Workout & Power Circuits Sandbag Training E-Books

Let world renowned strength coach Josh Henkin show you how to get in kick butt with his innovative sand bag exercises. Josh is the authority on sand bag training, a highly sought after fitness expert and founded SandbagFitnessSystems.com. We are fortunate to have him contribute his expertise as sand bag training is an excellent fit with NGN Workouts!

Over 150 pages complete with workouts, pictures and descriptions!


Ultimate Stair Exercises

Now Only $9.95!

Here's what you're getting Instant Access To!

  • Ultimate Stair Exercises E-Book: Value $39.95
  • Ultimate Stair Exercises for Power Development: Value $19.95
  • 8 Ultimate Stair Exercises Videos: Value $59.95
  • 7 No Gym Necessary (NGN) Videos: Value $ 59.95
  • No Gym Necessary Workout Guide E-Book: Value $29.95
  • Resistance Band Training E-BooK: Value $39.95
  • 300 Sand Bag Training E-Book: Value $29.95
  • Power Sand Bag Circuits: Value $19.95

Only $9.95!
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Question #1: Can you really improve strength, burn fat, lose weight, reduce joint pain, increase your power, and improver your flexility with just stairs?
Answer:  Absolutely. I have trained athletes from The WNBA & Major League Baseball all the way down to 6-7 years with the New York Mets Baseball Academy and have seen it all as far as training goes. I know what works and what does not. Stairs are the real deal which is why celebrities and athletes who earn millions of dollars turn to this magical tool for its superior results! They could easily spend their money on that fanciest equipment money can buy. But they don't because they are only after one thing: Results! And stairs just deliver all the time! 

I guarantee you will not be disappointed because the results speak for themselves. 

You have nothing to lose and a tremendous amount to gain from this information.
Question #2: Virgil, can I really try this program for only $4.95? Absolutely
Answer: Give the program a try for 21 days and if you love it simply pay the balance of $55.00 dollars. If it's not for you then simply cancel before the 21 days with a simple email to support@virgilaponte.com
Question #3: Virgil, are you serious about the 60 Day money back guarantee? 
Answer: Absolutely! If you are not completely satisfied for whatever reason I will cheerfully refund your money. No questions asked. Just email me at support@virgilaponte.com and your refund will be processed immediately. 

Virgil Aponte 
Certified Personal Trainer 
Physical Education Teach
WNBA Strength Coach 2002-2003
New York Mets Baseball Academy Conditioning Coach 2001

New York Liberty Logo WNAB LogoNew York Mets MLB

Ultimate Stair Exercises

Now Only $9.95!

Here's what you're getting Instant Access To!

  • Ultimate Stair Exercises E-Book: Value $39.95
  • Ultimate Stair Exercises for Power Development: Value $19.95
  • 8 Ultimate Stair Exercises Videos: Value $59.95
  • 7 No Gym Necessary (NGN) Videos: Value $ 59.95
  • No Gym Necessary Workout Guide E-Book: Value $29.95
  • Resistance Band Training E-BooK: Value $39.95
  • 300 Sand Bag Training E-Book: Value $29.95
  • Power Sand Bag Circuits: Value $19.95

Only $9.95!
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